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With a signed contract in 2005, the site near Dunfermline, needed a full a gas collection system compound and electrical connection. This was commissioned in 2006, and circa £1.1M investment has been made at the site.  On site approximately 80 gas wells have been installed in both the operational and completed parts of the landfill, which are connected via a series of pipes and manifolds to the Generation Compound. 

In the Generation Compound is located 2 Caterpillar 3516(1136kW) an MTU 12V 4000 (1165kW) unit, all are housed in acoustic containers to ensure compliance with environmental legislation. With a grid connection of 4.6MW, the project deals with harmful ozone depleting gases, addresses local social impact and corporate social responsibility matters, offering true green benefits to our partners and importantly the socio-economic environment in the United Kingdom.

The project was financed, designed, and constructed by YLEM, and is operated by the companies local Operation and Maintenance team.  All electricity transactions are dealt with on a day to day basis by YLEM’s administrative team.