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North British Distillery

Established in 1885, North British Distillery is one of the largest Scotch Grain Whisky producers in Scotland, using up to 150,000 tonnes of cereal per year, with a capacity to produce approximately 10 bottles of whisky per second. 

Almost the entire production of whisky spirit is sold to customers for blending purposes, with significant quantities included in brands such as J&B and The Famous Grouse. 

North British Distillery is hoping to generate a significant amount of the site’s electricity consumption with a new AD system. 

The AD system involves by-products from the distillation process being converted into biogas, which will then be used to generate electricity using Ylem Energy's CHP technology. 

The majority of energy will be used within the distillery’s manufacturing processes, displacing existing natural gas supplies to the steam boiler system. The remainder will be sold into the National Grid. 

Ylem Energy's 500kWe CHP system will be capable of generating 4000MWh of electricity from post-distillation liquor and evaporator condensate. This dramatically reduces the distillery’s reliance on natural gas and electricity from the National Grid. 


The C02 displaced from grid generated electricity from the 500kWe biogas generator would reduce carbon emissions by more than 2,100 tonnes per annum. 

Anaerobic digestion can be applied for various types of biological waste, including:

Sewage sludge 

Liquid manure
Bio-wastes from households, 

slaughter houses, breweries and distilleries, dairies, sugar production, etc. 

Vegetables, vegetable oils and animal fats 

Organic MSW 


The benefits of Ylem Energy’s biogas solution: 

  • Offers financial savings over conventional energy supply 

  • Ylem Energy can carry projects that are conceptual, through feasibility to construction and completion 

  • Reduced cost of project development 

  • Flexible approach to the utilisation of heat and power 

  • Live online system monitoring and operational maintenance 

  • Maximised operational output from the CHP system due to our nationwide network of service staff 

  • Full client support and assistance to maximise financial revenue of the electricity sale and ROCs