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Ylem Energy has always looked beyond the United Kingdom in pursuit of countries that can host projects and benefit from Ylems extensive skill and knowledge base which has been developed over many years of success operations within the UK. This approach has led to the development of gas related projects in many countries.

The Management team at Ylem is proud of its long history of successful collaboration with partners around the globe. Currently Ylem has operations in the following countries UK, South Africa and Mexico. One of the huge benefits from Ylems overseas presence is the transfer of skills and the creation of key employment locally wherever Ylem operates. It is always Ylems intention to create locally managed and resourced businesses wherever it has the opportunity to develop projects. Additional to this Ylem provides other benefits locally through participation with, or the creation of charitable trusts so that some of the financial benefits of the projects can be used locally to benefit the surrounding communities. This is most evident in South Africa where our Charitable trust, set up in collaboration with our Joint Venture partners, is providing key funding to local schools in Johannesburg.