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Anaerobic digestion

Disposal and treatment of biological waste represents a major challenge for the waste industry in the UK and Europe. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a superior alternative to composting for a wide range of organic substances from agriculture, food processing and manufacturing and can be used effectively to generate renewable energy.  


Our approach

We design, install and operate biogas combined heat and power systems for a variety of anaerobic digestion plants.

From our experience of working with distilleries, farms, and food producers, we know that they are under increasing pressure to reduce their costs and to diversify. At the same time, they are also faced with the high cost of disposal and treatment of organic waste, as well as continually rising fuel costs.


The AD process

The preparation of the bio-input takes place in the anaerobic digestion plant where the organic material is collected in a primary tank and processed and prepared for delivery to the anaerobic digester tank.