Global leaders in smart energy generation and management


Ylem Energy has a proven track record of delivering projects in many countries around the world and is experienced with the complexities of integrating standalone utilisation projects into the national grid of the host country, and selling power in complex markets.

From the initial site visit and outline design, through to successful completion, Ylem has the skills and capacity to carry out detailed assessments and derive the optimum solution for projects.  

Ylem is also able to deal with all the statutory authorities to ensure that  local planning and permitting is progressed. Ylem will provide the necessary finance for the project, and manage the construction works through to a successful commissioning. Once built the project will benefit from Ylem’s long term in-house operating regime, where our skills and knowledge of our operating staff will be utilized to deliver efficient and productive performance 



Funding options

Ylem Energy has long tradition of self financing projects, both at the initial capital stage and throughout the project life cycle in support of the operational service and support requirements. This flexible approach is important to ensure small to medium scale projects, typical of the type developed by Ylem, can be financed quickly without third party involvement which would slow the process and perhaps become a barrier to the development of certain projects.

Ylem prefers to build own and operate projects for the long term and as such our one stop shop solution benefits all concerned.