Improving building energy management for Scapa UK


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Building Energy Management

Improving building energy management for Scapa UK


Scapa Group PLC is a leading global manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components in the Healthcare and Industrial markets.

Ylem Energy was appointed by Scapa UK to improve the energy efficiency and reduce running costs at the Ashton-Under-Lyne site which consists of various production lines, warehousing and office space, by upgrading the Building Energy Management (BEM) system.


When Ylem Energy first surveyed the Scapa UK Ashon-Under-Lyne site, it was apparent that there was a building management system in place that had not been properly maintained and many outstations were not functioning or were disconnected.

The survey carried out by Ylem Energy also revealed that previous site energy baseload figures were high, which indicated considerable out-of-hours usage.

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  • improving the energy efficiency and reduce running costs at Scapa Uk
  • Energy Improvement & Reduced Running Costs at Scapa UK, with Ylem Energy


Ylem worked closely with Scapa UK to understand the processes and the operations of the site, and to identify the key areas which offered significant scope for energy cost savings.The main site gas and electric meters were incorporated into the new system, with live dashboard pages now available to management offering real time system status updates and automated reports so that savings can be maximised.

The system installed by Ylem Energy controls all aspects of energy use including heating and hot water as well as the site’s air conditioning and compressed air plant metering.

It was important to keep disruption at a minimum during installation, so as not to interfere with the normal production processes. The system infrastructure and controls were installed alongside existing panels, which meant the system could be seamlessly changed over during a plant shut down and disruption was therefore kept to a minimum.


In the 11 months after installation, the Scapa UK site saw a 43% baseload reduction in electricity consumption, which equates to a saving of 268,116 kWhs. During the same period after installation, the Scapa UK site saw a 24% overall reduction in gas consumption, equivalent to 1,421,948 kWhs.

As well as the reduced energy consumption which created a significant cost saving for Scapa UK, the improvements in energy efficiency have helped the business to reduce carbon emissions by 338 tonnes per annum.

In addition to the significant savings and carbon reduction delivered through the BEM system, Scapa UK now has a centralised system at their Ashton-Under-Lyne site from which they can control and monitor critical equipment and view live metering data, further improving operational efficiency.

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    Having successfully used Ylem’s energy management system (EMS) at a previous company, I decided to introduce them to Scapa. The M&T platform and new EMS system in conjunction with the expertise from the Ylem energy analysts have enabled us to focus on running our factory while Ylem provides us with specific energy-saving initiatives. The net result has been tangible energy savings that continue to drive business outcomes for Scapa Ashton Under Lyne. We see the EMS system and energy reporting as a key driver in all future energy-saving initiatives.
    Adrian Rowbotham — Engineering Manager