Biogas Generation Pioneer Expands into Flexibility

Pioneer of biogas generation, Ylem Energy Ltd has announced that it is expanding its business into providing flexible generation, large-scale energy storage and demand-side response systems that will bolster grid resilience and help businesses save money.

BV Dairy

BV Dairy is hoping to generate more than 75% of the site’s electricity consumption with a new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) system. The high-rate liquid AD digester has been designed and built by Clearfleau Ltd. Ylem Energy has designed, supplied, commissioned and is operating the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that currently converts the biogas into renewable electrical energy for utilisation at the production facility.

Dalluaine Distillery, Speyside, Scotland

Along the river Spey at Diageo’s Dailuaine Distillery, the company invested £6million to create a new bioenergy plant which used an aerobic digestion technology to treat waste water. The use of AD technology to produce electricity for use on site was a first in malt distilling, putting Dailuaine at the cutting edge of renewable energy innovation.

Hope for Abandoned Owners of Landfill Sites

A growing number of organisations responsible for aged landfill sites are facing costly environmental emissions legacies, as many suppliers of generation services are walking away, citing diminishing gas yields making it uneconomic. One of the UK’s pioneers in landfill generation, Ylem Energy Ltd, begs to differ and offers hope for sites facing this problem.

North British Distillery

North British Distillery is hoping to generate a significant amount of the site’s electricity consumption with a new AD system. Established in 1885, North British Distillery is one of the largest Scotch Grain Whisky producers in Scotland, using up to 150,000 tonnes of cereal per year, with a capacity to produce approximately 10 bottles of whisky per second.

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