Behind-the-Meter (BtM) Optimisation

With over three decades’ experience in smart generation, Ylem Energy specialises in delivering fully-financed smart and flexible energy generation and storage systems that can optimise your site’s supply - helping lower energy costs, increase reliability and even generate new sources of revenue.

The smart approach to energy

Electricity is the lifeblood of most organisations and having a reliable supply is essential to their smooth running - with the slightest disruption having a significant impact.

For those organisations requiring electricity to power energy-intensive processes, round-the-clock production lines or critical infrastructure the stakes are further raised. In today’s complex and competitive electricity supply market, the cost of this essential resource continues to grow.

This, however, does not have to be the case ...

Third-party charges

Third-party charges make over 50% of the cost of a commercial electricity supply invoice and these costs are forecast to continue rising in years to come.

During the peak times of the day –  between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Friday – the DUoS charges reach their highest level – with this being at its maximum during peak winter months. Furthermore, the three Triad periods will also have a large impact if electricity is imported during these times.

DUoS Band Charges
DUoS Charging Bands

As the above graphic shows, there can be a huge difference between the Red Band DUoS rate for peak-time electricity and the Green Band. Depending on the region and the time of year, it can be as much as nine times more expensive.

The wholesale cost element of a bill is unavoidable unless a company can generate its own energy, or simply reduce consumption. With many companies having already implemented energy efficiency measures, there’s opportunities for generation – of course depending on a site’s demand.

These third-party charges can, in many cases, be avoided and that’s where Ylem Energy can help ...

Typical I&C Customer Electricity Costs


Whilst many sites are okay simply importing all of their power from a standard grid connection, organisations with critical requirements for continuity of supply – such as healthcare, data storage and critical production processes - they can often have back-up generation systems behind their half-hourly meter, enabling their supply to continue even if there’s disruption to the grid supply.

How can Ylem help?

With over three decades’ experience in smart generation, Ylem Energy specialises in delivering fully-financed smart and flexible energy generation systems that can optimise your site’s supply - helping lower energy costs, increasing reliability and even generating new sources of revenue.

How do we do this?

We have a number of solutions that can be used separately or combined together to produce hybrid systems that deliver significant benefits in terms of energy costs, security of supply and environmental benefits.

All of these solutions can either be fully funded by Ylem Energy with our Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA), or on a traditional CapEx basis – to meet a client’s specific requirements. Unlike many others in the industry, we don’t just use software and controls to achieve this optimisation, we employ one or more of our smart energy generation assets to deliver tangible savings.

Shortlisted for the 2020 Decentralised Energy Awards

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BEES)

Our intelligent pre-packaged battery storage systems can boost a site’s resilience, storing energy that can also help avoid the use of costly peak-time tariffs and third-party charges by effectively time-shifting their demand.

Furthermore, Ylem’s battery storage systems can also generate new sources of revenue by providing frequency response services to the grid at peak times.

Gas Generation Systems

Providing a vital back-up service to your site in the case of disruption to the grid supply, our intelligent gas generation systems can also be used to lowering your requirements during peak times – minimising third-party charges. There may also be opportunities for exporting surplus power to the grid and generate additional revenue.

Additionally our generation systems offer a cost-effective compliance with the MCPD’s emission limit values.

Hybrid Generation and Storage

Combining the benefits of both the battery energy storage systems and our intelligent gas generation systems, we can offer a fully-hybridised package of measures that optimise your site’s electricity supply, maximising the potential financial and environmental savings.

Securing your energy supply will enable you to focus on your day-to-day activities and leave the energy to Ylem’s team of specialists.

Comprehensive Offer

At Ylem Energy, we can offer a comprehensive package of services to encompass every aspect of a system - from an initial site survey and design, through to finance, installation, operation and maintenance...

Additional energy management services

With expertise in energy management and energy performance contracts, our dedicated team can also help work with you to identify other areas where energy savings can be made, with a range of services and finance options. Find out more...

Fully-financed or outright purchase

We offer our clients the option to purchase our systems outright, or through one of our finance options that includes our Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) that enables us to provide our customers with a fully-financed, comprehensive package that delivers real results without the need for their up-front capital expenditure.

Design, installation, operation and maintenance 

We can not only design and install your systems, but also provide you with a 24-7 operation and maintenance service to cover all of our systems. With a dedicated team of regionally-based engineers providing round-the-clock cover 365 days a year, our service and support is second to none.  Find out more...

Metering and compliance

We can install and manage customer metering systems. With remote monitoring and report generation, this can be used as a standalone solution for our smart generation assets or across a customer’s site to provide compliance and reporting services.

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