Capacity Market Opportunities

Image of pylons and engineers

The Capacity Market prequalification window is now open for the three auctions taking place early next year. This means that businesses with the ability to lower their site’s electricity demands during times of System Stress, via behind-the-meter generation, can apply to participate and, should they be successful in the auctions, generate revenue.

With Ylem Energy’s behind-the-meter optimisation, we install fully-funded flexible generation and storage assets that enable our clients to manage their electricity demands from the grid. By reducing the need for imported electricity at peak times – when electricity costs are highest – they can not only lower their energy costs, but with participation in the Capacity Market, they’ll also open up additional income streams for helping balance the network.

To find out how you can benefit from optimisation and potential participation in the Capacity Market, please contact Simon Mitchell by calling 0161 660 2222 or emailing