Cold Chain Federation welcomes Ylem Energy as new member

Cold Chain Federation Member

Ylem Energy, the leading flexible energy generation and storage specialist, has confirmed its membership of the UK temperature-controlled storage and distribution industry trade association, the Cold Chain Federation.

With more than three decades of experience delivering smart energy generation and storage systems, Ylem Energy’s partnership with the Cold Chain Federation is set to help businesses improve resilience, reduce energy costs and achieve carbon reduction goals.

Ian Gadsby, Ylem Energy managing director, said: “From manufacturing to storage, distribution and retail, the cold chain keeps essential goods safe and prevents waste. It’s no exaggeration to say it plays a vital role in day-to-day life for us all.

“But the energy the industry depends upon from the National Grid is forecast to become significantly more expensive, driven not only by increased demand but by a whole range of non-commodity charges. And these third-party charges are unavoidable unless a business can generate its own energy or significantly reduce consumption.

“That’s why we’re delighted to join the Cold Chain Federation and I look forward to working closely with members throughout the industry, helping businesses to navigate the challenges presented by rising costs in the complex energy market.”

Shane Brennan, Cold Chain Federation chief executive, said: “By joining the Cold Chain Federation, you have shown your commitment to supporting the UK temperature-controlled storage and distribution industry.

“Your support makes us stronger and helps us to be a robust, positive voice for the cold chain.”

Providing a risk-free solution through which large energy users can reduce costs and get to grips with carbon reduction targets, on-site energy generation solutions including hydrogen-ready gas generation as well as Solar PV are already delivering guaranteed savings for many businesses by reducing reliance on power from the grid and removing the impact of rising non-commodity costs.

Ylem Energy can deal with all elements of new onsite energy generation projects, from site surveys to design and installation as well as discussions with network operators and planning applications.