Flexible Energy Specialist in Generator Deal

Gas Generator

Flexible energy generation and storage specialist, Ylem Energy Ltd, has signed a deal to regionally distribute a range of industrial natural-gas-fuelled generators produced by Pramac – one of the world’s leaders in standby power. The systems will be primarily offered to businesses as a clean and efficient alternative to diesel back-up generators, along with use in behind-the-meter optimisation applications.

Fuelled by natural gas and rated from 200kVA up to 500kVA, Pramac’s pre-packaged GGW range of generators can operate in prime power mode for extended periods, making them ideal for Ylem Energy’s flexible energy offering that lowers the reliance of industrial and commercial sites on expensive imported peak-time electricity.

Ian Gadsby, Ylem Energy’s managing director, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers Pramac’s rich-burn gas generators. Whilst there’s an obvious use in standby power applications, these intelligent gas generation systems will feature as one of the core elements in our fully-financed, asset-based package for behind-the-meter optimisation.”

“When used alongside our advanced battery energy storage systems, we can create hybrid solutions that further benefit half-hourly-metered sites – lowering their energy costs, improving the resilience of their supplies and potentially opening up opportunities for generating additional revenue streams.”

With the Pramac generators, Ylem Energy will also be assisting sites affected by the introduction of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), as its onerous emissions abatement requirements can affect older diesel generators. Replacing these diesel systems with Pramac’s gas generators offers a cost-effective route to compliance, as their low NOX and particulate emissions fall within the permitted values of the MCPD.

Dave Curry, UK Sales and Business Development Manager for industrial solutions at Pramac, added: “Ylem Energy is an ideal partner to help us introduce the Pramac industrial GGW systems into the UK market. They’ve been at the forefront of owning, operating and maintaining gas-fuelled generation plant for over thirty years and, as such, they have amassed an enviable amount of knowledge and experience.”

“As a global organisation, we’re very confident that our partnership with Ylem Energy will help us both deliver the very high levels of quality and customer satisfaction that our respective brands represent. The Pramac Industrial Gas range will benefit from further expansion in late 2019 with additional units for 625kVA and 750 kVA offering greater scope and range availability.”

Based in Salford, Ylem Energy is supporting the launch of the Pramac generators with services that cover every possible requirement, from the initial site survey, through to planning, design, finance and installation. Ongoing operation and maintenance support is provided by the company’s dedicated team of regionally-based engineers, who are available round the clock, 365 days per year.



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Ylem Energy Ltd is a leading independent power generation specialist, founded on its ability to generate energy from biogas fuels sourced from landfill and AD processes.  Based in Salford, UK, the company draws upon its experience gained from over three decades of owning and operating reciprocating gaseous-fuelled generation systems throughout the world.

Whilst continuing its traditional activities with such systems, following significant investment in research and development, Ylem Energy has further extended its offering to encompass advanced flexible generation systems that enable better balancing of the grid and lower energy-intensive organisations’ reliance on importing costly peak power.

For further information, please visit the company’s website: www.ylemenergy.com


Pramac is a global company with several branches and subsidiaries which focus on serving local markets.

Pramac can trace its roots back to 1966 when the Campinoti family started its own construction equipment business in Italy. From then on, Pramac has been expanding its operations in the energy and materials handling market, continuously growing its global footprint and its versatile product range to meet customer needs throughout the world.

Pramac-Generac UK is a leading subsidiary serving the UK and Ireland with market leading brands for Pramac power ranges and Generac® Mobile Products with dedicated service and parts