No-Cost Upgrade for New Loss of Mains Protection Regulations

G59/3 LOM

With the clock ticking on the introduction of compulsory regulations that ensure that distributed generation plant commissioned before February 2018 complies with new Loss of Mains (LOM) protection standards. Flexible energy generation specialist Ylem Energy has launched a scheme where the work required can be carried out by its engineers at no cost to the owner of the generation system – subject to meeting National Grid ESO criteria.

The new regulations G59/3 LOM – have been designed to maintain safety and prevent unnecessary tripping of generation systems connected to the network and the problems that this can cause – such as the regional blackouts experienced in the summer of 2018. Distributed generation systems would typically include CHP, generators and battery storage systems or renewable energy generation technologies such as solar PV, wind turbines, hydropower, etc.

With some 50,000 distributed generation systems now connected to the network in the UK and more coming online every day, its vital that the older systems are brought into line with the new regulations. Ylem Energy has been building, owning, operating and maintaining independent generation systems in the UK for more than thirty years and its team of regionally-based engineers can quickly make the necessary changes to the G59 protection systems – which may be just a simple reconfiguration, or the replacement of older equipment.

Stuart Watson, operations director for Ylem Energy Ltd commented: “We’re ensuring that our own fleet of generation systems is fully compliant with the new regulations by the 1st of January 2021 and we are very happy to help other owners of distributed generation systems make sure that they too comply as soon as possible.”

“Under the National Grid ESO’s  Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) we are able to claim back the cost of this work , meaning that our clients who satisfy the criteria, can meet the regulations without in most cases attracting any additional costs. We will manage the whole process on their behalf, which would include liaising with the District Network Operator (DNO).

“This work is compulsory and systems not complying after the deadline of April 2022 will risk being disconnected from the network and or subject to action being taken by the authorities, so early compliance is highly recommended.”

Ylem Energy’s offer simply requires the system owner to supply some information on the systems connection agreement and their approval for Ylem Energy to act on their behalf. To find out more, please contact Ylem Energy by calling 0161 660 2222 or emailing