Oversized Genset Swap

One of our local authority clients had a CAT genset installed on an aged landfill site which, due to the site’s gas output naturally reducing over time, meant that the engine could only operate for little more than two to three hours a day. This was in stark contrast to when the site’s gas output was at its peak and the engine could run continuously.

Clearly the genset was now oversized and inefficient, so Ylem Energy offered, at no cost, to remove the original plant and replace with a lower-rated unit from our fleet that would complement the site’s gas yield and enable continuous generation. We now have a long-term hire contract in place with the option to exchange the plant for lower-rated unit during the term to ensure the generator meets availability of fuel – maximising both the client’s operational and commercial opportunities.

Final commissioning of the new system is currently underway and the G99 test scheduled to take place very shortly.