Pramac Gas Genset Chosen for Critical IT Infrastructure

A leading international financial services provider has chosen a 300kVA natural-gas-fuelled standby generation system from Pramac to provide backup power for its critical IT infrastructure at its recently converted Leeds city-centre offices.

Supplied and commissioned by the Salford-based flexible generation specialists, Ylem Energy Ltd, the open-skid-mounted system has been installed in a specially constructed mezzanine plant room located in the building’s service area below ground level to ensure minimal impact.

The client opting for a natural-gas-fuelled system over a traditional diesel genset was a logical decision based on a number of factors. This included the much-improved flue gas emissions from the genset’s rich-burn engine and the fact that no on-site fuel storage would be required – nor the burden of associated static fuel conditioning and ongoing analysis procedures.

The Pramac system can be online and generating the full electrical load within ten seconds of being called for, during which time, the client’s UPS is able to provide the necessary power required to maintain the essential IT infrastructure and prevent disruption to the business’s operation.

Stuart Watson, Ylem Energy’s operations and engineering director, said: “Pramac’s range of packaged and open gensets are an ideal solution for this type of retrofit application. With space being at a premium – particularly in this city-centre location, the unpackaged genset has been cleverly integrated and will ensure that the end user has a reliable source of standby power readily available.”

“The system has been supplied with an intuitive, onboard control system with a touch-screen that allows simple integration into the clients network and clear communication between the systems being supplied and the Pramac standby genset. This is essential for such applications supplying IT systems and data centre infrastructure.”

The limited maintenance and servicing required by Pramac’s systems is being provided by a dedicated team of regionally-based engineers, who are available round the clock, 365 days per year to ensure that the standby power is available when required.

Dave Curry, UK sales and business development manager for industrial solutions at Pramac, added: “We’re delighted that one of our GGW industrial gensets has been chosen for this project. They utilise Generac industrial spark-ignition engines, meaning that they are optimised for performance and responsiveness to load variations – making them ideal for both standby and response power applications – rated from 200kVA up to 750kVA.”

Ylem Energy Ltd, is a regional distributor of Pramac’s range of industrial natural-gas-fuelled generators and, with over 30 years of experience in operating generation systems, the company provides services that cover every possible requirement, from the initial site survey, through to planning, design, finance and installation – including operation and maintenance contracts.

Further information can be found via this link: Pramac natural-gas standby generators