Ylem Energy funds new flexible energy generation plant

Excavator digging up a section of field

Ylem Energy, the leading flexible energy generation and storage specialist, has confirmed work is now underway on the latest in a series of projects designed to support local and national renewable energy infrastructure during peak demand. It is one of five new flexible generation plants in the southwest of England, funded by Ylem Energy, capable of providing rapid support when the national grid requires extra power.

Ian Gadsby, Ylem managing director, said: “These hydrogen ready plants will provide clean, efficient generation, close to the point of use and are a vital addition to the infrastructure supplying the grid as the UK makes the transition to renewables as its primary source of electricity.

“The National Grid is under greater pressure than ever before. Coupled with factors such as the electrification of heat and the increased adoption of electrified transport, the strain on its aging infrastructure is beginning to show. Meanwhile, as volatile markets and extreme weather events heighten the risk to power supplies, Ylem’s continuing investment in flexible generation plants will complement its work to help major energy users reduce their reliance on the grid through fully funded on-site generation systems which dramatically improve resilience by supplying the baseload demand independently.”

A proven means of reducing costs, on-site generation also cuts the cost of third-party charges which can make up as much as 60% of an electricity bill and which are unavoidable unless a company can generate its own energy or dramatically reduce its power requirements.

Including systems that can either part or fully operate on hydrogen fuel, on-site generation is also a way in which business can support the UK’s legally binding targets for tackling climate change and decarbonising the grid.

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