Ylem Energy Webinar Session Playlist (3 Videos)

We recently participated in a webinar hosted by the MEUC and were supported by our partners at Stark Zero. Here’s a recording of the first of the three sessions

Session One: Introduction to Ylem Energy

Ian Gadsby and Jon Feingold of Ylem Energy Ltd give an overview of the company and explain the company background and its current focus on providing flexible generation and storage systems.

Session Two: Behind-the-Meter Generation and Storage Systems 

Simon Mitchell of Ylem Energy Ltd discusses the path to net-zero for industrial and commercial energy users, behind-the-meter generation and storage systems, the regulatory impact and how optimising generation and storage behind the meter can help.

Session Three: Independent Data Analytics 

Benji Martin, Head of Stark Zero gives an overview of how independent data analytics can help industrial and commercial energy users time and money – along with how Stark Zero is working in partnership with Ylem Energy to take customers on the path towards net zero.