Ylem partners with FDF to help companies reduce energy costs on path to net zero

Ylem Energy Ltd. the flexible energy generation and storage specialist, has joined forces with the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), to help firms across the sector reduce energy costs.

Ylem will deliver its free webinar, Reducing Energy Costs through On-site Generation, on 18 May.

Simon Mitchell, Ylem Head of Business Development – Flexibility, said: “The webinar is set to include discussion about the role of businesses in the move to a decentralised network and how companies can make real progress on the path to net zero through the installation of onsite generation while meeting their current demands and saving significant ongoing costs.”

The reality is that energy from the National Grid is forecast to become significantly more expensive, driven not only by increased demand but by a whole range of non-commodity charges. And these third-party charges are unavoidable unless a business can generate its own energy or significantly reduce consumption.

Simon added: “An increasingly popular option for major energy users in every sector, on-site generation is ideally suited to many companies in the food and drink sector.

“Driven by factors such as the electrification of heat and transport, demand on the grid is greater than ever and beyond the large reduction in energy costs it can secure, as well as a credible path towards net zero, on-site generation offers greater resilience. Indeed, it is a proven solution through which businesses can negate the challenges of an increasingly constrained grid, but importantly, it also provides budget certainty for power.”

Effectively shielding businesses from future energy price increases, the additional savings for companies moving to on-site generation could be significant, up to a 30% reduction in energy costs.

These savings are already being achieved by Ylem Energy customers through the firm’s Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA), which also creates the possibility of generating new sources of revenue from exporting surplus power.

In addition to offering guaranteed savings, Ylem’s generation systems can either part or fullyoperate on hydrogen fuel, supporting the UK’s legally binding targets for tackling climate change and decarbonising the grid.