Corona Virus: COVID-19

Whilst we’re taking all of the necessary precautions to keep our team, partners, suppliers and clients safe, we are pleased to confirm that during this COVID-19 outbreak, Ylem Energy is continuing to provide its essential energy, environmental and safety services.

We realise that these are challenging times and unfortunately many people will be affected and having to self-isolate. We, as an industry, will pull together and support one another, ensuring that essential plant and equipment can continue to operate – whatever the coming weeks and months throw at us.

With this in mind, we are making our team available to anyone who is requiring O&M support for their electrical generation systems and associated plant. Sadly, not all organisations will be able to continue supporting their clients if their teams are badly affected.  Our own business continuity plan contains a network of sub-contractors who can provide us with contingency support should the worst happen.

None of us know exactly what the effects of the COVID-19 virus will ultimately be, but we would like to reassure everyone, that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that we keep the lights on.

Please stay safe and if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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