Partnership Opportunities for Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs)

Are you a third-party intermediary providing energy brokerage and consultancy services for industrial and commercial electricity customers?

If you are, you may well be interested to learn that we have developed a partnership deal that will enable your clients to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 30-per-cent per annum, whilst you enjoy a competitive commission package and bask in the glory that our expertise creates for you.

A true win-win oppportunity

Ylem Energy’s Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) offers a true win-win scenario for both you and your client.

If you introduce a client to Ylem Energy and they sign our DPPA contract, you'll both benefit as below:

For You

  • Earn ongoing competitive rates of commission
  • Kudos from your very happy client
  • Build a long-term relationship with your client
  • Enhance your portfolio of services

For Your Client

  • Significant savings on their electricity bills
  • Boosts the resilience of their site’s supply
  • Avoid the need for any CapEx
  • Potential for income from surplus power exported

How does it work?

Centred around Ylem Energy’s ability to implement asset-based, behind-the-meter optimisation technologies such as generation, battery storage and controls, the DPPA deal enables industrial and commercial energy users to reduce their energy expenditure without the need for any capital investment on their part.

By lowering their sites’ reliance on costly peak-time energy imported from the grid and helping mitigate the non-commodity charges that can often make up more than half an average bill – there is a lot of scope for providing end users with significant financial savings.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BEES)

Our intelligent pre-packaged battery storage systems can boost a site’s resilience, storing energy that can also help avoid the use of costly peak-time tariffs and third-party charges by effectively time-shifting their demand.

Natural Gas Generation Systems

Providing a vital back-up service to a site in the case of disruption to the grid supply, our intelligent gas generation systems can also be used to lowering a site's requirements during peak times – minimising third-party charges. 

Hybrid Generation and Storage

We can offer a fully-hybridised package of measures that optimise a site’s electricity supply, maximising the potential financial and environmental savings, whilst boosting the site's security of supply. 

The Benefits

In return for making an introduction to Ylem Energy’s DPPA  – you, our partner, will not only benefit from receiving a generous commission from Ylem Energy, but you will also extend your relationship with your client who will be saving significant sums of money for the entire duration of the ten-year agreement.

In addition to saving money, by optimising their site’s electrical requirements behind the meter, they’re likely to end up with a supply that is more resilient and have the potential to unlock new revenue streams from exporting any surplus power generated on site.

Working Towards Net Zero

Furthermore, by reducing the sites reliance on imported energy, you’ll be helping the UK’s transition towards a renewable future and the ultimate goal of net zero carbon emissions.

Ylem Energy Financed

The optimisation measures required are all fully self-funded by Ylem Energy – resulting in the client simply enjoying discounted energy purchases for the duration of the DPPA. Ylem Energy would own, operate and maintain the systems – utilising its world-class support team based throughout the UK.

The company has in excess of 20-million operating hours experience in generation systems and as such, it has developed techniques and procedures that provide exceptional levels of reliability.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more and discuss how Ylem Energy can help you lower your clients energy bills please call our flexibility team on 0161 660 2222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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