Landfill Aftercare Services

As a pioneer of generating electricity from biogas, we offer a comprehensive package of systems and services to manage gas, leachate, generation and flaring systems

Landfill Aftercare Service

We have a proven approach to landfill gas management, maximising the use of the gas as a renewable energy resource to displace fossil fuels, whilst reducing environmental impacts. We achieve this through:

Gas management

Simple, low-cost wells controlled remotely at the manifold provide efficient monitoring and adjustment of the gas field. Problems can be identified and responded to quickly and potential migration issues properly addressed.

Generator utilisation and capacity matching

We employ a modular approach to the generating units (from 165kW to 2,000kW) with purchased, rental or fully financed options available. This ensures that where electrical grid connections permit, a mix of generators maybe be used cost-effectively – even for short periods of time, to capitalise on peaks or manage declines of site gas production.

Remote management

Our intelligent, state-of-the-art remote generator management system minimises downtime and maximises operating benefits through trend monitoring, automatic resetting of minor trips and telemetry links to on-call engineers. Enhanced management of engine availability and gas is undertaken on a daily basis, all-year-round.

Environmental performance

We achieve optimum environmental performance in our approach to landfill gas management in a number of ways:

  • Fit extended exhaust stacks and monitoring locations to allow emissions monitoring
  • Ensure that all equipment is ATEX / DESEAR compliant to current regulations
  • Frequent tuning and re-mapping of engine air-fuel-ratio control
  • Maximised lubricating oil services utilising laboratory analysis of oil samples

Operation and maintenance

We strive to operate and manage our business efficiently and economically. We achieve this in a number of ways:

  • We provide an operations and maintenance service, employing multi-discipline engineers, for both engines and gas field
  • Experienced engineers provide service cover 24/7, ensuring repairs are carried out without delay and downtime is minimised
  • Technical staff cover our UK operations, with dedicated teams based overseas
  • We assist landfill operators and owners to exploit the full financial and regulatory benefits
  • Using the 'selling power' of our growing portfolio, we gain the best value for renewable electricity generated – including any associated 'green' benefits.

Biogas Technology Ltd

In 2018, Biogas Technology Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ylem Group.

All of the products and services previously offered are still available and the Ylem Energy team would be happy to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Please contact us for further information and assistance.

Gas Generation Services

A comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services for all types of gaseous-fuelled, reciprocating CHP systems, generators and associated electrical infrastructure

24-Hour Call-Out Service

Offering round-the-clock service and support, our dedicated team of engineers are at hand to ensure your system’s integrity throughout the year

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Whether it’s just the efficient operation and maintenance of your existing gas-fired generation systems, or you require a detailed analysis of your site’s energy demands, with us then implementing flexible generation systems, controls and demand-side response technology, we can help save you money.

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