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Delivering intelligent energy management systems for over 20 years.

Welcome to YLEM Energy Optimise, our industry-leading energy management solution that guarantees you are driving business efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and supporting your corporate responsibilities.

Control, monitor and reduce your energy consumption

Optimise your building’s energy performance. Through a combination of effective on-site HVAC control, constant data gathering, analytics and customised outputs, we have the complete view and the ability to deliver real savings – all without the need for any up-front capital investment.

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What’s the process?

  • 1. Initial Assessment

    Our team performs an in-depth site evaluation. We assess your energy usage patterns, infrastructure, and key energy-consuming assets. This helps determine optimal data collection points and assess system compatibility.

  • 2. System Proposal and Design

    A bespoke system tailored to your needs is designed. This includes the creation of a custom dashboard — an intuitive interface allowing for effective control and monitoring of your energy usage.

  • 3. Installation

    Our engineering team ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure during installation. This process involves setting up data collection points not only for your infrastructure but also for monitoring individual machinery, heating solutions, or specific zones within your business.

  • 4. Training and Support

    We provide exhaustive training on system usage for your team, alongside insights for further energy savings and enhancing business efficiency. Plus, rest assured knowing the system will be fully managed and undergo Operations & Maintenance (O&M) by our dedicated professionals, ensuring uninterrupted support.

YLEM Energy Optimise allows you to manage and reduce your energy usage from anywhere through our innovative and intuitive web interface, offering access to our bespoke, live system graphics, energy dashboards, reporting and analytics.

This allows you complete visibility and control over your energy usage, ensuring that you’re always creating efficiencies and generating savings.

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Instant access to historical and real-time data.

Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy to measure and report on energy consumption. Our comprehensive suite of custom dashboards and reports provide analysis and insights into daily, monthly and annual trends as well as a review of progress against agreed targets. This delivers a continuous cycle of energy improvement and efficiencies across the whole business.

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  • Average cost reductions of 40% on gas and 20% on electricity bills.

    We offer a fully managed, bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with no upfront CAPEX or OPEX costs, so that savings can be delivered from day one. You can be sure that the optimum balance between environmental conditions, operating requirements and energy consumption is maintained 365 days a year.

  • User-friendly Building Energy Management Systems at your fingertips

    The system is compatible with most buildings, modern HVAC, IoT devices, utility meters and building management systems. It’s a non-intrusive and non-disruptive installation and ongoing service in included.

  • 24/7 UK wide engineering support team

    Our team of expert engineers are always available via a dedicated in-house support helpline. Using cloud-based software, at least 90% of technical issues are resolved swiftly and remotely, avoiding the need for disruptive downtime. In the unlikely event that an issue can’t be solved online, an engineer will visit your site.

Complete business energy management made simple.

Because we have been designing, building and installing cutting-edge technology worldwide for over 20 years, our experience and expertise in business energy management is second to none. Always guaranteeing you savings on your energy bills as well as helping you achieve your carbon reduction objectives to help you further your journey to net zero.