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Bespoke Solar PV installation for Marlin Industries

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    Marlin Industries

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    Solar PV


Marlin Industries, the cable industry’s leading manufacturing and logistics company, which is committed to sustainable and cost-effective strategies, appointed YLEM Energy to install on-site solar PV energy systems at the company’s Wrexham and Hawick sites.

Reducing carbon emissions is a key part of Marlin Industries’ sustainability targets, and the company values are based on principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle.


A large energy user faced with unsustainable increases in energy prices.

Marlin Industries needed to reduce its energy costs significantly without impacting negatively on its environmental performance.

A renewable energy solution that would support Marlin’s carbon reduction targets was required.

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Working in partnership with Centreco, YLEM Energy analysed the data from Marlin’s Wrexham site, to develop a bespoke Solar PV renewable energy solution.

Fully funded through YLEM Energy’s Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA), the 328kWp Solar PV system has been designed to match Marlin Industries’ load requirements for electricity at the Wrexham site. The system will be monitored continuously by YLEM Energy’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) team to ensure it delivers the maximum savings possible.

The first phase of the project includes the installation of a roof mounted array of solar panels at the Wrexham site. Once the installation of the system in Wrexham is complete, YLEM Energy will complete a review of the Hawick site to understand the energy requirements before designing and installing the most appropriate system.

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The system will be monitored continuously by YLEM Energy’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) team to ensure it delivers the maximum savings possible.

Over £1.5 millions worth of savings annually
The Solar array will ensure Marlin achieve their net zero aspirations

The solution will deliver savings of
approximately £1.5 million per year and
reduce Marlin’s carbon emissions by 62
tonnes of CO2 per year.

  • Working with YLEM Energy to implement this Solar PV onsite energy generation solution is a key step and one that forms part of our company’s long-term strategy to transition to a net zero carbon position. YLEM Energy’s expertise and ability to liaise with third parties such as the distribution network operator (DNO) and handle planning applications ensured the system was installed successfully.

    John Droog — Chief Executive


The Solar PV onsite generation
systems at both sites are
expected to generate more than
640,000 KWh per year through
2,200 roof-mounted panels
over a total 3,800 m2 and will
be connected to the grid and
managed by YLEM Energy.

  • Seamless energy installation

    The installation of the new on-site energy systems will be completed without impacting on normal business operations.

  • Enhancing market resilience

    It will provide increased efficiencies for Marlin as well as increasing the company’s resilience to volatile international energy market.