• Global leaders in smart energy generation and management

    World-class systems and services backed by decades of experience

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  • CHP system supply, operation and maintenance

    Enabling competitive, reliable and efficient energy generation

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  • State-of-the-art flexible generation and storage systems

    Lowering energy costs and enhancing grid resilience

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  • Lowering energy costs for intensive users

    Optimising generation, demand and peak energy consumption

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Welcome to Ylem Energy

With over a quarter of a century’s experience in specialist independent generation systems, Ylem Energy has developed an enviable array of systems and services that benefit its clients’ energy requirements and help reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

From simple gas-fired reciprocating engines generating heat and power, through to state-of-the art flexible generation and storage systems that lower costs, help balance the grid and enable wider uptake of renewables, Ylem Energy has a proven solution.

Generation Systems Operation and Maintenance

A comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services for all types of gaseous-fuelled, reciprocating CHP systems, generators and associated electrical infrastructure

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Generation Systems Sales and Hire

We can help our clients with the hire or sale of the most suitable gaseous-fuelled reciprocating generation systems – including all associated plant and equipment

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Flexible Generation and Storage Systems

A range of state-of-the-art flexible generation and storage solutions that help balance the grid and minimise reliance on peak-tariff energy for intensive users

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Landfill Aftercare Services

As a pioneer of generating electricity from biogas, we offer a comprehensive package of systems and services to manage gas, leachate, generation and flaring systems

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operational experience

Our experience in operating and maintaining systems is being used to help advance essential technologies such as lubrication and metallurgy to ensure greater reliability for generation process

Our Company

Why you should choose us

For more than 25 years, we’ve been operating and maintaining our very own fleet of gaseous fuelled generation systems all over the world and, during this time, we’ve developed an unrivalled insight into just what’s required to generate efficiently, reliably and competitively.

Our team not only understands the complex technical requirements, but also the complexity of integrating with electricity systems and all of the regulatory requirements this entails.

About Us


Hours of electricity generation
by our systems since 1991

Find out how we can help save you money

Whether it’s just the efficient operation and maintenance of your existing gas-fired generation systems, or you require a detailed analysis of your site’s energy demands, with us then implementing flexible generation systems, controls and demand-side response technology, we can help save you money.

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