Onsite generation solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.

As your long-term energy partner we can help you cut expenditure, improve resilience and achieve carbon reduction goals.

Minimise the impact of rising energy costs.

Against a backdrop of challenging targets in a highly competitive market, we know that rising energy costs can put pharmaceutical companies under pressure. Our solutions allow you to take control of your energy and can significantly reduce bills, at no cost to your business.

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    Supporting the pharmaceutical industry towards net zero targets.

    We offer a range of solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint including: hydrogen-ready gas-fuelled power generation, battery storage and solar PV. Each system, whether standalone or combined, fully integrates with your site and will leverage your current infrastructure for improved productivity.

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    Boost your resilience with solar PV.

    Make the most of your buildings’ roof space by installing onsite Solar PV. Solar panels enable your business to generate its own power, providing cheaper renewable electricity whilst giving you reliable, cost-effective energy.

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Delivering onsite energy solutions to power intensive industries across the UK.

We partner with businesses in a wide range of sectors to provide bespoke energy systems that satisfy their changing needs.

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