Delivering onsite energy generation and storage systems globally for over 30 years

As a UK based, industry leader in energy generation solutions, we specialise in designing, building, operating and maintaining reliable systems, at no cost to your business.

Driving sustainability and cutting energy costs

From the initial outline design through to delivery, our team will carry out detailed assessments and determine the best generation solution for your business. Once up and running your energy system will be operated and maintained long-term by our expert engineers.

Our aims

Powering energy intensive industries for over 30 years.

For more than three decades, we have amassed enviable experience worldwide, delivering hundreds of megawatts of installed capacity and tens of millions of hours operation. We own, install and operate advanced, flexible generation and storage systems that enable better balancing of the grid and reduce our energy-intensive clients’ reliance on importing costly power. Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions to manage, optimise and generate energy, as well as reduce carbon emissions and meet our customers’ environmental objectives.

Our History

  • First landfill gas project 1991
  • 10th MW commissioned 1996
  • 20th MW commissioned 2000
  • Entered South Africa and Central America, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico 2001
  • Entered China 2002
  • Entered Poland and Spain 2003
  • Entered Hungary and South Africa as well as 100th MW installed 2006
  • Entered Mauritius and UAE 2007
  • Entered Romania 2009
  • Entered Morocco and 150th MW Commissioned 2011
  • 175th MW commissioned 2014
  • Rebrand to Ylem Energy 2016
  • Ylem acquired Biogas technology Ltd 2018
  • First Energy Storage Project Completed 2019
  • 30MW Gas Peakers go into construction 2020
  • 14MW Gas Peakers go into construction 2021
  • 20MW Gas Peakers & Second Energy Storage Project goes into construction 2022

First landfill gas project

10th MW commissioned

20th MW commissioned

Entered South Africa and Central America, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico

Entered China

Entered Poland and Spain

Entered Hungary and South Africa as well as 100th MW installed

Entered Mauritius and UAE

Entered Romania

Entered Morocco and 150th MW Commissioned

175th MW commissioned

Rebrand to Ylem Energy

Ylem acquired Biogas technology Ltd

First Energy Storage Project Completed

30MW Gas Peakers go into construction


Launched back into the B2B market offering energy generation solutions to I&C Customers

14MW Gas Peakers go into construction


24th gas peaking plant connected to the grid goes live


First Gas Behind the Meter Project (2MW)

20MW Gas Peakers & Second Energy Storage Project goes into construction


First Solar Projects Start/Finish

   Our Team


  • Ian Gadsby

    Managing Director

  • Stuart Watson

    Operations and Engineering Director

  • Paul Noland

    Finance Director

  • Neil Brooks

    Projects Director

  • Learn more about the Ylem team.

  • 1/4

    Ian Gadsby

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director of Ylem Energy Limited, Ian is leading the UK based business growth across a diverse range of energy projects. These include expansion of the company’s O&M services, grid connected “peaking“ generation, grid scale battery energy storage and onsite power generation – utilising solar, battery storage and base load generation solutions for intensive energy businesses. In addition to our UK business, Ian is also responsible for the oversight of the business’ activity in South Africa and Mexico.

  • 2/4

    Stuart Watson

    Operations and Engineering Director

    Stuart has more than 26 years of sector experience, during which he has occupied various roles from project technician to operations and engineering director. Stuart’s electrical and mechanical experience led to him joining Ylem Energy in 1998 where he was tasked with developing its newly NFFO accredited landfill gas power generation portfolio.

    Following successful commissioning of numerous facilities over a short timescale, Stuart was awarded directorship and took the lead operations position. Organic development in numerous jurisdictions including Poland, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Mexico and South Africa required Stuart to create, train and then manage several multi-skilled teams to drive

    performance excellence.

  • 3/4

    Paul Noland

    Finance Director

    Paul is responsible for the leadership and management of the finance function. He has over 10 years sector experience and has guided the business through a number of business transformations, acquisitions and disposals. Before joining Ylem, he spent over 7 years in Deloitte’s Debt Advisory business, advising numerous FTSE 250 and private equity backed businesses on capital raises and optimal funding structures. Paul is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified with KPMG.”

  • 4/4

    Neil Brooks

    Projects Director

    Neil has more than 10 years experience in power generation and is responsible for project delivery and development as well as procurement and engineering design for Ylem Energy’s projects. Since 2013, he has been responsible for the construction of over 50 flexible gas generation sites, totalling more than 750MW operational assets. He has also overseen the construction of 6 energy storage sites, totalling 120MW and developed more than 400MW.

    Neil has extensive experience in project development having developed renewables projects in the UK including solar, onshore wind and pumped storage projects, along with gas and energy storage projects. He is also experienced in negotiating complex multi-project framework agreements for EPC, supply contracts and long-term service agreements. Before joining Ylem Energy as project director, Neil held senior roles at UK Power Reserve as head of project management and Forsa Energy as head of procurement.

Your trusted long-term energy partner.

Ylem is a dedicated energy partner helping a wide range of industries to navigate the complications of a volatile energy market. We identify the best onsite generation solutions for power intensive businesses, and can also use additional software based energy monitoring and efficiency management tools to identify further savings by making your site more efficient.

  • ESG

    Our mission is driven by being a force for good, for our partners, our people and our planet.

  • Vision: Net Zero

    Our solutions fully integrate with the sites they serve and help our clients on their way to net zero.

  • Cost reduction

    Save up to 30% on your annual electricity bills and ensure your business is energy secure

Robust energy systems of the future.

The UK’s energy system is changing, costs are rising and the pressure to decarbonise is mounting. As your long-term energy partner, Ylem delivers the expertise to help you develop the right energy strategy and implement the most effective solution based on current and future power demands.

  • 1.1 MtCO2
    saved to date by our customers
  • Over 600MW
    of projects delivered or worked on
  • £ 300m
    of projects funded by us
  • £227k saved
    on average on our customers annual energy bills

Partnering with UK landowners to store energy.

We’re working with landowners to identify suitable Battery Energy Storage Sites. If you have spare land, we’d like to discuss the possibility of subleasing an area on a 25-year rental agreement, which may be suitable for a BESS with a capacity of 20MW. We offer attractive annual rates of return; the process is straightforward and requires no commitment or obligation from you.

YLEM Energy UK

Operating across the UK and globally for over 30 years.


We operate a large variety of energy facilities throughout the UK and overseas, ensuring large businesses are supplied with reliable and affordable power – all day, every day. We also offer industry-leading, nationwide operations and maintenance support. Each O&M package can be tailored to your solution, based on what level of support your business needs.

Affordable, sustainable and reliable power. All day, every day.

Ylem funds and maintains a large variety of energy facilities nationwide and overseas. Our team has many years of experience in operating onsite generation systems, meaning we can help develop the right energy and management solution, at no cost to your business.

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