Boost your resilience with battery energy storage systems.

Generate long-term savings, reduce your reliance on grid-derived energy and further your journey to net zero.

What are battery energy storage systems?

Battery Energy Storage Systems, (BESS Systems), are rechargeable batteries that can store power from different sources, such as solar PV, and discharge it when required. BESS usually consist of one or more batteries and can be used to provide backup power and improve overall grid stability.

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How can BESS help large businesses?

Battery energy storage is key to the UK’s drive to reach net zero by 2050. Storage systems are highly efficient and put you firmly in control of your energy costs by allowing greater control and flexibility of your electricity use, as well as protecting your business against energy volatility.

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Our Proposed Developments

If you are looking for information regarding our proposed developments, below, we would welcome residents coming to speak to us directly at our upcoming consultation events, or by emailing our dedicated inbox to respond directly to enquiries –

Burghmuir 50MW battery storage – next consultation event: Tue 20th Feb.

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    Greater energy resilience for a net zero world.

    Store excess generated energy from onsite solar for later usage and lower your energy costs by using the stored energy at peak times by utilising peak shaving and load shifting.

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  • Industry-leading systems.

    As all UK companies aim to build more robust and secure energy infrastructures, YLEM Energy continues to find innovative ways of combining solar and power storage systems for improved onsite resiliency.

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    End-to-end storage solutions.

    Our battery energy storage systems are comprehensive and proven. Our end-to-end services include: feasibility, funding, design, installation as well as comprehensive operation and maintenance support.

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Which sectors benefit the most from storing energy?

Sectors with high electricity consumption, a requirement for power resilience and a need for flexibility in their energy use will benefit from BESS. For that reason, battery energy storage can be an immensely powerful tool for large businesses in manufacturing,  food and drink, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and warehousing.

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  • £ 300 m
    of projects funded by us
  • Over 600
    projects funded since 1991
  • £ 227k
    saved on average on customers energy bills annually
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Find your best-fit battery storage solution.

Let YLEM Energy’s BESS experts help you on your journey to net zero. Our highly-skilled engineers have extensive experience in designing battery energy storage systems. We’ll guide you through the whole process from consultation through to installation, monitoring and maintenance.