Powering Harewood Whin through battery storage


Harewood Whin


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Battery Storage


Ylem Energy were appointed by Yorwaste to install a pioneering battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Harewood Whin landfill site on the outskirts of York. As landfill waste decomposes, gases are released which are captured by Yorwaste before being converted into electricity, which requires storage in the interim before being sold to the grid.


Whilst the Harewood Whin site has stopped receiving new waste, significant amounts of landfill gas are still produced at the site. After collecting the landfill gas and converting to electricity, Yorwaste required a state-of-the-art battery energy storage system in order to participate in the National Grid’s balancing mechanism, which ensures the consistent supply and demand of electricity in the UK.

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  • YLEM Battery Energy Storage Case Study With Yorwaste, Harewood Whin
  • Powering Harewood Whin through battery storage


Working closely with Yorwaste to survey the Harewood Whin site and identify the most effective solution and funding model, Ylem Energy designed, built and now operate a pioneering 1.2MW (1MWh) battery energy storage system.

The battery energy storage system installed by Ylem Energy consists of a single 40-foot self-contained unit which can store the equivalent energy required to power around 2,400 average homes with sustainable energy for one hour.

Using technology exclusively available in the UK through Ylem Energy, it was possible to maximise the efficiency of the storage solution and maximise the commercial opportunity for Yorwaste.


The system went live in summer 2019 and works seamlessly alongside the landfill gas-to-energy generators located within the generation compound. Since installation, the system has been operating successfully in the UK Frequency Response and Wholesale Energy Markets, providing increased revenue for Yorwaste and improving the energy efficiency of the Harewood Whin site.