A cleaner, greener future for business energy.

We are committed to delivering innovative and cost saving solutions to generate, manage and optimise energy, as well as reduce carbon emissions to meet our partners’ Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.

Leading your journey to net zero

YLEM specialises in providing a range of future-proofed, robust onsite generation solutions to help you further your journey to net zero including: solar PV, hydrogen-ready gas-fuelled power generation, and battery storage systems, as well as carbon off-setting.

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Energy management made simple

Once operational your energy system will be managed in-house by our engineers, so you can be sure that the optimum balance between environmental conditions, operating requirements and energy consumption is always maintained.

As well as this, we work with you to create a custom dashboard that generates bespoke reports with detailed historic and real-time analysis of energy usage. This allows you to build a complete picture of your energy performance, across multiple sites.

  • Over 1.1m MtCO2
    saved to date by our customers
  • £ 300 m
    of projects funded by us
  • Over 600 projects
    funded since 1991
  • £227k
    on average saved by our customers on their energy bills annually

Guaranteed savings compared to grid-derived energy

By choosing YLEM, you are protecting your business long-term against rising energy costs and market volatility. Our onsite generation solutions can create savings of up to 30% on your annual electricity bills for at least 10 years and up to 25 years – with no additional costs to your business.

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Boosting energy resilience

It’s not just about cutting costs. It’s about having long-term access to reliable, secure energy.  Ageing infrastructure and the demand for electrification means the strain on the National Grid is higher than ever. Onsite generation allows you to remain connected to the grid but dramatically improves energy resilience.

Environmental commitments

YLEM was founded on a mission to provide and operate low carbon solutions for its partners and customers, and promotes a culture of sustainability as well as the continual improvement of its products and services.

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Social and Governance commitments

YLEM fosters a fair and equitable work environment, which encourages diversity and equality of opportunity, whilst promoting the individual growth and development of its team. We strive to maintain rigorous standards of excellence in the fields of governance, ethics and social responsibility.