Release equity and boost your core business.

Work with YLEM Energy as your preferred energy partner to release capital and optimise your onsite operations.

Your dedicated long-term energy partner.

With the onset of a burgeoning UK energy crisis, there’s never been a better time to review your energy needs and asset portfolio. If you own a solar PV or gas generation asset and would like to release cash back into your business then get in touch today.

Solar PV asset requirements

• 250kw+ and less than 5 years old

Gas generation asset requirements

• 200kw+ and has been operational for 36+ months

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Secure your future energy with YLEM Energy.

YLEM Energy is looking for opportunities to work with large businesses which own and wish to relinquish control of solar PV and natural gas generation assets. We can purchase and operate these systems on your behalf, providing you with power at a competitive rate for up to 25 years.

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    Industry leading generation specialists.

    As your specialist energy partner, YLEM Energy will deliver the expertise to help you develop the right energy strategy and implement the most effective solution based on current and future power demands.

  • Guaranteed energy savings.

    Not only will you receive a lump sum to invest in your core business, your business will continue to secure energy at a price that’s guaranteed to be cheaper than grid-derived energy.

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    Bespoke energy management solutions.

    YLEM Energy’s management and performance systems drive energy efficiencies and reduce expenditure. Our engineers can monitor, control and analyse your energy consumption and work with you to identify where further savings can be made.

Operation and maintenance support

Our relationship with you doesn’t end after acquisition, we offer a range of operation and maintenance packages based on what level of support your business needs. Our team of engineers are on hand round the clock, to ensure your system’s efficiency and integrity is maintained 365 days a year.

  • Over 600MW
    of projects delivered or worked on
  • £300m
    of projects funded by us
  • £227k
    saved on average by our customers’ energy bills annually
  • Over 1.1m MtCO2
    saved to date by our customers

Find out how much you could save with YLEM Energy.

As your specialist energy partner, YLEM Energy will continue to fund, operate and maintain your generation system long-term. To find out how much more you could potentially save over 25 years, click one of the options below and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch within 24 hours.