Improving efficiency at Vauxhall with automatic metering and monitoring






Building Energy Management


Ylem Energy was appointed by Vauxhall, one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the United Kingdom, to upgrade the outdated automatic metering and monitoring system at the Ellesmere Port site.


Vauxhall’s existing meter monitoring system, which was installed in 2008, had become outdated and required upgrading to enable the manufacturing to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. The existing system reported daily and provided ‘day plus one’ data via an energy management website, which meant that data was often obsolete, and energy efficiency could not be maximised by engineers.

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Ylem Energy worked collaboratively with Vauxhall to develop a bespoke solution to upgrade the outdated metering system.

Having worked closely with Vauxhall to develop the most appropriate solution for the needs of the site, Ylem Energy can monitor energy usage to provide reports and analysis with data at 5-minute intervals, which is used to identify areas where inefficiencies are occurring. Using this data, inefficiencies can be addressed to improve the energy efficiency of the site and reduce costs for Vauxhall.

In order to support detailed analysis of Vauxhall’s energy consumption, Ylem Energy also developed an interactive AM&T tool which allows Vauxhall’s engineers to monitor and control systems directly from their mobile devices. This technology has proved key to enabling Vauxhall to deliver maximum efficiency across the Ellesmere Port site.


Monitoring 350 meters, Ylem Energy collates and presents accurate data to Vauxhall which is then used to improve overall energy efficiency at the Ellesmere Port site. The solution delivered by Ylem Energy has helped Vauxhall to reduce energy consumption by 40% and is playing a significant role in the business’ drive to achieve net zero emissions by 2038.

The data monitored and presented by Ylem can be combined with the usage statistics collected from the interactive AM&T tool to provide a more detailed overview of the site’s energy consumption.

The system developed by Ylem Energy has 62 system users, generates 61 reports per month, and has 10 active dashboards, therefore providing a state-of-the-art and comprehensive automatic metering and monitoring system for the large manufacturing site.

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    The Ylem portal provides us with a wider overview and understanding of how we use our energy, we are able to identify patterns that allow us to have more control over our energy usage, it provides us with the relevant information that we need to make positive changes in how we reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.
    Andrew Murphy — Site Utilities Engineer