Energy Reduction & Saving Food & Beverage Industry

Delivering renewable onsite energy assets to the food and beverage industry.

YLEM Energy specialises in designing, installing, owning and operating renewable onsite energy solutions, at no cost to your food and beverage business. We can also improve the efficiency of your building by around 40% by implementing our building energy management system. 

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Getting ahead of your competitors.

Most food and beverage businesses face substantial costs in terms of energy consumption. We can help you implement robust, reliable systems that can play an important role in cutting down operational costs and reducing energy bills as well as optimising overall energy performance.

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    Enhance brand values by furthering your carbon net-zero aspirations.

    We understand that your business is subject to supply chain demands and pressures from your customers to push towards net zero. Reducing carbon has never been more important, especially to outward facing brands. Generating onsite power will help you meet sustainability goals, enhancing your reputation for green credentials.

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  • Minimise downtime and maximise your energy security.

    As with any food and beverage manufacturer, time is money, and with the strain on the Grid beginning to show the risk of brownouts and blackouts can cause unwanted delays. In some cases, where these risks are highest, our reliable systems can be designed to minimise this risk by boosting your energy resilience and securing your power for 10-25 years.

Delivering onsite energy solutions to power intensive industries across the UK.

We partner with businesses in a wide range of sectors to provide bespoke energy systems that satisfy their changing needs.

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