gas power generation

Reduce the impact of rising energy costs.

Our onsite gas power generation solutions allow you to take control of your energy costs and move towards a net zero future, at no cost to your business.

About hydrogen-ready gas-fuelled power generation.

As energy prices continue to rise, gas-fuelled electricity generation will continue to play a vital role in the UK energy market. Gas-fuelled generation is simple: natural gas fuels an engine to produce electricity for your site. There is always the option of including thermal energy, a by-product of this process, which can be captured and used to help meet your heating demands, improving efficiency and cut energy costs.

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Future-proofed gas generation systems fit seamlessly into your infrastructure.

Gas-fuelled power generation systems can be located internally or externally and require minimal space, integrating easily into your existing infrastructure. An assessment to establish the best option for your business is quick and simple once consumption data is received and understood by our design engineers.

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  • No costs to your business.

    Our end-to-end partnership solutions cover all of the costs, including: design, installation, operation and long-term management of your gas generation system, guaranteeing power to be secured at a much lower rate than the grid.

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  • Guaranteed long-term cost reductions.

    By choosing YLEM Energy you are protecting your business long-term against rising energy costs. Our generation solutions create significant reductions to annual energy costs and benefit profitability.

  • Supported by UK-wide engineers.

    We offer a comprehensive 24/7 maintenance service, tailored to your requirements, ensuring your system continues to perform efficiently 365 days a year. With a team of engineers nationwide, our O&M service is second to none.

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Long-term partnerships.

Our reliable, future-proofed hydrogen-ready gas-fuelled power solutions will provide your energy intensive business with long-term stability, resilience and security compared to the volatility of the UK’s grid-derived energy.

  • Over 600MW
    of projects delivered or worked on
  • £ 227k
    saved by our customers on their energy bills annually
  • £ 300 m
    of projects funded by us
  • Over 1.1m MtCO2
    saved to date by our customers
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Driving power intensive businesses towards a clean energy future.

YLEM Energy is committed to finding energy solutions to help decarbonise the UK and help large businesses on their journey to net zero. Our bespoke onsite solutions enable businesses to enjoy low cost power with no upfront capital outlay or financial risk.