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Five-figure savings for e-commerce firm secured with YLEM Energy Optimise™

  • Client

    MH Star

  • Industry

    E-commerce and logistics

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YLEM Energy Optimise was appointed by MH Star to provide metering solutions. MH Star are an international e-logistics and commerce business with over a decade of experience in distribution. This has helped them grow their business to have over 30 storage locations worldwide.

MH Star quickly realised how YLEM Energy Optimise™ can drive out inefficiencies within their numerous locations within the UK.


High energy costs left MH Star searching for answers

E-commerce firm MH Star were reporting that their Peterborough site was experiencing significantly higher energy costs than sites of similar size and operation, presenting a commercial challenge as costs remained stubbornly high.

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YLEM Energy installed a sub metering system within 2 days.

YLEM Energy was appointed to investigate the higher costs, installing a sub-metering system to pick up and monitor all the circuits from the site’s main distribution panel. This data was then presented to MH Star within a week on a custom, user-friendly dashboard showing live and historical meter reports.

Analysis of the sub-meter’s results allowed YLEM Energy specialists to uncover a discrepancy in the main site meter and to engage with the meter operator to seek a resolution. This package of support was covered as part of a five-year subscription service offered by YLEM Energy.

Installation took only 2 days. Custom built dashboards were ready within a week. The complete project from order was just 4 weeks.

Through metering we quickly realised that MH Star would be owed money from their energy provider.
The low cost subscription of YLEM Energy Optimise™ means that payback is immediate.

An initial £65k will be returned to MH Star with further monies owed still being pursued. The final figure is expected to be in the region of £250k.

  • It was very satisfying to see YLEM Energy get to the bottom of our falsely high energy costs at our Peterborough site and particularly to see the scale of rebate owed to us. By quickly getting into our meter readings and displaying it in a user-friendly way, YLEM Energy helped us to understand the issue succinctly.

    Martin Edwards — MH Star, CFO


The system identified that MH Star’s actual site consumption was half of what their main fiscal incoming meter. YLEM Energy passed on the findings to the meter operator who sent an engineer and identified and rectified an issue with the meter setup, which was subsequently confirmed by the distribution network operator (DNO).

  • Five-figure Rebate

    Once the discrepancy was identified, the DNO confirmed an initial rebate of approximately £65,000 will be returned to MH Star, who are continuing to pursue any further monies owed from their suppliers.

  • Further Partnerships

    Following the success of YLEM Energy’s intervention at the Peterborough site, MH Star is now looking to employ YLEM Energy experts on other sites in its portfolio.