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IAC achieves 77% savings and reduces CO2 emissions by 425 tonnes

  • Client

    IAC Automotive

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  • Service

    Building Energy Management


YLEM Energy Optimise, a leading provider of energy management solutions, successfully
implemented building energy management systems (BEMS) at two sites for IAC Automotive.


IAC Automotive had an
existing control system at the
first site, which was outdated
and inefficient

The second site was a new installation requiring a comprehensive BEMS. YLEM Energy Optimise’s solution aimed to improve energy efficiency, reduce gas heating consumption, and lower carbon emissions.

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YLEM Energy Optimise upgraded 2 sites
to the specific requirements of IAC

Our expert team upgraded the existing control system at the first site,
leveraging advanced BEMS technology. The system allowed for real-time
monitoring and control of the building’s HVAC systems.

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For the 2nd site, YLEM Energy Optimise designed and implemented a brand-new BEMS tailored to the specific needs of the facility. The system integrated various sensors, controls, and monitoring devices
to optimise energy consumption, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce waste.

Real-time monitoring and control of the building’s HVAC systems
The system integrated various sensors, controls, and monitoring devices

YLEM Energy helped IAC to reduce energy
consumption by 77% and also
reduced CO2 emissions by 425 tonnes.


YLEM Energy Optimise
upgraded the BEMS at both sites
which has resulted in over £130k
annual cost reductions and is
playing a significant role in help
IAC achieve it’s net zero targets.

  • Enhanced BEMS success

    The upgraded BEMS at the first site achieved an impressive 69% reduction in gas heating consumption. This translated to cost savings of £54,000 annually and a substantial reduction of 174 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The system’s enhanced control capabilities and real-time data analysis facilitated proactive energy management and optimisation.

  • Annual cost reductions

    The newly installed BEMS at the second site delivered even greater gas heating savings of 77%. This represented an annual cost reduction of £78,000 and an impressive decrease in CO2 emissions by 251 tonnes. The advanced BEMS provided comprehensive insights into energy usage patterns and enabled precise adjustments for optimal efficiency.

  • Expanding energy optimisation

    The exceptional results achieved through the BEMS installations have encouraged the customer to look at expanding these systems to other sites. YLEM Energy Optimise will collaborate with the customer to assess additional locations and identify opportunities for energy savings.